Swing and cruise!

We offer you a discreet occasion to swing and to enjoy a cruise in the Adriatic sea


Technical description of the boat*:

Length over all:30 m
Hull material:aluminum
Beam:6 m
Draft:2,8 m
Engine:2×290 HP Volvo
Max. speed:12 kts
Cruising speed:9 kts
Shower / WC:12/12

* NB: The yacht can change regarding the availability. The number of guest is 24 but can change.


Discretion and quality will be respected. The cruise will be between islands and naturist beaches.3369-2b

The code:

Accepting The Code – SCC

Everyone who applies for a Swinger Cruise Croatia adventure explicitly accepts our party code, which is designed for the security and comfort of all travellers.


Privacy and security are our priorities. Peace of mind is a vital ingredient of an uninhibited evening and we try hard to protect our events from unwanted intrusion. The locations of venue and the other arrangements are strictly private to SCC  guests and our invited guests. You must not divulge them to third parties as this may compromise the privacy of all concerned.


Cruiser Privacy

During complete trip swinging on Cruiser swinging is only allowed in cabins or on special prepared venues. All other areas are for socializing and patying

Sailing Fleet Privacy

During Complete trip swinging on sailing boats is allowed in Cabins or on deck while nobody is watching and on special prepared venues. All other areas are for socializing and partying


Day Cruises Privacy

During cruises, trips and tours swinging is allowed  in special prepared venues, rooms or places. All other areas are for socializing and patying

Events venues Privacy

During events in Hotels, Villas and  Castles swinging is allowed in private rooms, special prepared venues and rooms. All other areas are for socializing and patying



It goes without saying that cameras and recording devices of all descriptions are banned. This includes picture phones and video phones. If you have one of these phones it must be switched off and not used anywhere at the boat. If you are seen with one you will be asked to leave with your partner.



We do not let single men into our events. Period. Even though you will have paid, if your partner is not with you then your invitation does not apply. We never bend this rule. No, you can’t wait for her on board.


Bookings to our trips are personal and non-transferrable. No one whose details have not been submitted in advance will be admitted. We book couples as couples and if you turn up with a different partner you are a different couple and your booking is void.



Only couples who booked the trip and paid for it will be admitted. Others will be turned away however strongly they may be recommended to us. We issue bookings to as many couples as the cruise ship (or sailing boat or yacht ) can comfortably accommodate. There is no room for walk-ins, nor is it fair on those who have booked the trip to admit people who have not paid for their fun as everyone else did. If you want your friends to come, they must book their trip in the normal way.



We insist that the couples at our trips are ‘real’ couples – you must have a genuine sexual relationship, although it doesn’t have to be an exclusive one (obviously!). Friends who team up just to find out “what it’s like” are not acceptable.


We are happy for couples at our parties to have any sort of sexual relationship with each other – except punter and prostitute. Don’t try it. Some men bring escorts to swinging clubs and it sticks out a mile. We have had this problem once or twice and the people concerned had to leave.


Do not distract people enjoying themselves by holding loud conversations. Do not take your glasses and drinks into the playroom. At the ships we provide plastic water bottles which are the only drinks you can take into the play areas.


To ensure the exact departure times and to ensure for everyone to have fun, we ask guests to return to the ship (or boat) between specific times. In addition our staff are volunteers and they don’t want to stand on door duty all night. Special arrangements can be made to admit couples late if a problem is notified in advance.


The dress code in the evening hangouts is for women cocktail dresses, slinky evening wear, risque, temptress; for men casual suits, smart clubber, funky formal. No trainers and only designer jeans. Work clothes are also allowed sometimes – especially if your other half is a fireman (please!).


Our vacation deals are for straight and bisexual female activity and straight male activity. This formula is the standard swinging convention across the world and reflects the consensus of opinion among both male and female swingers of all countries. This does not mean that couples with bisexual men are unwelcome. It means that when they apply, they explicitly agree that the male partner will be straight at the cruise ship.


Social situations in swinging parties are subtle and fluid, so it is difficult to define pestering precisely. It certainly includes touching people if you have been rebuffed but it can also be less than that. Consent is the key to swinging and everyone should be sensitive to the reactions of others. If we feel or are told that you are pestering someone, you and your partner will be asked to leave.


Our parties are not business opportunities. Approaching people at Swinger Cruise Croatia trips to promote other products or events is an abuse of our hospitality. Anyone who does this will be asked to leave with their partner.


At Swinger Cruise Croatia events, all penetrative sex between people who are not regular partners is with a condom unless explicitly agreed otherwise in advance. It is a man’s responsibility to use a condom without being prompted by the woman concerned and to signal to her in an appropriate way that he is doing so. Repeat: without being prompted by the woman concerned. It is a guy’s job to put a woman’s mind at ease without being asked. Everyone is absolutely entitled to expect this basic sexual hygiene practice. We act immediately and severely in response to complaints. We provide condoms but you’d be wise to carry a few yourself.


Men must change condoms between sexual partners. Transferring an infection from one woman to another on the outside of a condom while the male is safe on the inside does not qualify as sexual hygiene. If a man is in a scene where he is alternating between women, the rule still applies unless they all, together, give their explicit verbal consent. There are plenty of condoms at our parties and it does not matter how many are used and discarded during a scene. We take this seriously and do not give second chances to people who let us down.


All our rules are reasonable. They represent a common sense way of enabling everyone to enjoy themselves. If we have to ask a couple to leave because they have broken these rules we will neither refund their payment nor admit them to future events.


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