General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions- Via Globe tourist agency

1. The Subject of the Contract
Subject of this contract is arrangement of relations between the Organizer of the tourist package- Via Globe tourist agency (in the following text reffered as Via Globe) and the PASSENGER, who is the contractor of the travel(further reffered as the Passenger). This travel contract contains General Terms and Conditions and instructions for touristic package, i.e. it reffers to the stated itinerary of travel, which contains all the necessary information.

The contract is considered binding after having been signed by the tourist agency representative and by the PASSENGER, and after the the PASSENGER has paid the full price of the tourist package or part of the price having assured the later complete payment of the remaining sum till the designated date.In case the PASSENGER is not able to sign the contract in person, the contract has legal consequences only after the PASSENGER has payed the full amount of the stated price of the package, or if specifically stated in the contract, one part of the price and necessary documentation that guarantees the payment till the designated date.
The PASSENGER can apply in person, via internet, phone or any other means of comunication for a tourist package in any Via Globe’s office and its all other authorized offices.
When entering into contract the PASSENGER is required to give his personal information and timely deliver all the necessary documents needed for the organization of the trip.The PASSENGER vouches to Via Globe for the correctness and  the truthfulness of his documents in order to assure the obstacle free realization of the journey also accepting all legal  obligations that come from this contract and the positive legislation.

2. Reservations and Payment
When applying for the package as a confirmation  for the reservation,the PASSENGER pays 30% of the full price of the package (if not stated differently in the itinerary). The remaining sum is to be paid latest the 21 day before the departure or the PASSENGER has to assure the necessary documents which guarantee the full payment. In case the PASSENGER fails to pay till 21st day before the departure, it will be considered as he has cancelled the reservation and has no possibility of reimbursment of the 30% funds needed for the reservation.

3. The Prices
The prices of the tourist package are stated in the itinerary paper and are valid onward from the day of their publication.

The prices of the packages and The prices of the Via Globe’s itinerary’s are based on the contract with our partners and don’t necessarily correspond to the prices stated at the destination where the PASSENGER is residing and possible difference in the price cannot be the object of complaint.
The Organizer of the journey can predict that the PASSENGER will be using certain services abroad that are paid  on spot in the local currency. For the services paid on spot PASSENGER can file a complaint directly to that service provider. Via Globe holds the right the latest till 20 days prior to the trip to raise the price of the package if  there has been currency oscillations and tariff changes of the transport or hosting after the PASSENGER has entered into contract, and Via Globe has to do it exclussively in a written manner.
PASSENGER has obligation to accept the change of the stated price up to 10%. In case there were changes above the 10% PASSENGER has the right to cancel the reservation, and has to do it in a written way during the 2 days from the moment of the receiving the announcement of the change.
If the PASSENGER cancels the journey he has no right for a refund. If the PASSENGER  doesn’t handles his cancellation in written form, the Organizer considers the PASSENGER having agreed to the change of price.

4. Categorisation of hotels and services
The Hosting (hotels, appartment, other objects) stated in the Via Globes tourist packages are described according to official categorization in the designated country at the moment of publication of the itinerary.

The Organizer states the possible deviations in terms of categorization, since it can differ significantly in certain countries.
Hosting, food, comfort and other services are under control of local and state authorities, and they can differ, therefore cannot be compared.
Via Globe doesn’t share responsability for any written or oral information that is not in accordance with the descripition of hosting and services stated in the published itinerary, that has been provided by any of the Via Globe’s employees or by any third party. Distribution of guests in the hotel rooms is set by the designated hotels’ front desk. If not specifically arranged by the PASSENGER ( room with special demands) when signing the contract , he is obliged to accept any room/apartment officialy registered for hosting in the designated object or destination stated in the package. The hosting is not available before 4PM on the day of start of the consumption of the service, and the same has to be returned before 10AM on the day of termination of the consumption of the service, unless otherwise stated in the itinerary.
For individual arrivals to the hosting facilities (later than 20hours) it is necessary at least one day prior to the departure to inform Via Globe, unless such postponed arrival is not designated in the published itinerary.

5.Travelling documents, abiding by regulations
The PASSENGER who is applying for the trip abroad needs valid travelling documents. The PASSENGER is obliged during the application process or by the end of the time limit indicated by Via Globe in the published itinerary to deliver all the necessary information and documents needed for visa issuance for the designated country. Via Globe doesn’t vouch for the visa issuance. Unless the PASSENGER doesn’t meet the necessary requirements or his visa claim has been refused, it will be considered as the cancellation of the trip.

The PASSENGER is asked to follow all the customs’, foreign currency related regulations as well as other regulations. If the PASSENGER due to violation of the stated regulations cannot continue with the trip,the PASSENGER himself suffers the cost and the consequences sprang from the matter.
In case the PASSENGER loses his documents or they get stolen, he is obliged to suffer the cost of the issuance of the new ones by himself.
The PASSENGER has duty to make sure that all of his documents, luggage meet the requirements related to visa, border, customs, health regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as the same regulations of the designated country. The PASSENGER needs to abide by the hotel and restaurant rules of decent conduct in the country of visit, as well as to cooperate in good faith with the representative of the trip organizer and service providers.
In case the PASSENGER fails to comply to above stated regulations, Via Globe holds no responsability for the damage caused by it. In which case the PASSENGER carries the compensation costs by himself by direct payment to the owner of the facility (hotel,apartment etc.) at the front desk.
When signing the contract with the tourist agency Via Globe, Via Globe has duty to inform the PASSENGER of the sources of information for the country he is travelling to, including the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Rep.of Croatia. We advise each PASSENGER to visit the Ministry’s official website, especially to see the list of the countries with high and medium risk. All the passengers who are not holders of Croatian passport, before buying the package for the certain country are advised to inform themselves of the country they are visiting and of the requirements they need to follow baring in mind the difference of each countries requirements for different nationals. Via Globe can advise the PASSENGER the information source, but in any case doesn’t hold the responsability for the consequences that might spur for the PASSENGER from his own violation of the destination’s requirements. Invalid travelling documents , i.e. refusal of visa issuance, that has as a consequence cancellation of the trip, doesn’t bind Via Globe in any way , which will in this case apply terms of trip cancellation.Via Globe holds no responsability for any damage occured from the violation of the designated country’s requirements by not having valid travelling documents.

6. Travelling insurance
In accordance with the Law of providing services in tourism, the tourist agency employees have obligation to offer to the PASSENGER the „package of travelling insurance“ comprised of: voluntary health insurance during the stay in the designated foreign country, insurance from the consequences of an accident, luggage insurance and insurance from the cancellation of the trip. By signing the contract PASSENGER confirms having been offered this package of travelling insurance. If the PASSENGER requires stated insurance package, they can be bought directly from the insurance companies, or arranged through Via Globe, in which case Via Globe acts only as agent. By signing this contract, the PASSENGER confirms he has been offered this package of insurance stated in this article.

7. Trip cancellation insurance
In case the PASSENGER when applying for the trip suspects he might need to cancel the trip, Via Globe is recommending to the PASSENGER to buy trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases , with attached written proof: military call, sickness,death case. For these circumstances Via Globe holds the right of reimbursment according to the rules stated in the article 8 of this contract. When cancellation occurs Via Globe doesn’t refund the visa issuance expenses even when the PASSENGER has the trip cancellation insurance. When having bought trip cancellation insurance, the PASSENGER transfers all possible claims to the insurance company, related to the tourist package he reserved.
All the conditions for the trip cancellation are stated in the trip cancellation insurance policy, that are recommended to be read to each passenger.

8. Cancellation of the trip by the PASSENGER
In case the PASSENGER cancels the tourist package he paid, Via Globe withholds from the full price of the designated tourist package ( if not already stated in the published itinerary): for the European trips ,vacations, skiing

– until 30 days prior the departure 10% of full price, minimum 100 kn
– until 29-22 days prior the departure 30 % of full price
– until 21-15 days prior the departure 40 % of full price
– until 14-8 days prior the departure 80 % of full price
until 7-0 days prior the departure and after departure 100 % of  price
For overseas trips
– until 30 days prior the departure 25 % of full price
– until 29-15 days prior the departure 80 % of full price
– until 14-0 days prior the departure 100 % of full price

The mentioned costs are applicable to all changes of dates or hosting facilities, as well as for all other crucial changes.
Via Globe counts the real expenses in case of passenger substitution, if the PASSENGER finds adequate substitution for the same reservation ,who also meets all the conditions for consumption of the designated tourist package.
In case the PASSENGER hasn’t paid in full the full price of the package or having assured the guarantee for payment of the remaining amount, Via Globe holds the PASSENGER has cancelled the trip, and the PASSENGER has no possibility of reimbursment of advance payment for the designated trip.

9.Trip cancellation by Via Globe &changes in the published itinerary i.e. tourist package
If Via Globe prior to departure for the trip significantly alters the itinerary,hosting or price, it has duty to inform the PASSENGER in a written form, and the PASSENGER has the right within 2 working days from having received the change to accept the occurred change or to refuse. In case of refusal or having ignored the offer, Via Globe has obligation to return the paid amount within 7 working days. In case of acceptance the altered version of the tourist package represents the new contract, in which case the PASSENGER renounces all the claims toward Via Globe on any legal basis spurring from the previous contract.If Via Globe after start of the journey hasn’t provided all the agreed services or if it concludes it won’t be able to assure major part of the agreed services,Via Globe with the agreement of the PASSENGER can alter the itinerary contents in order to make sure the journey continues, and to reimburse the PASSENGER for the price difference caused by change in offered services. With written acceptance by the PASSENGER, Via Globe can substitute the arranged services with another service, in which case the PASSENGER renounces the right of any claims related to the mutually agreed changes in the itinerary.

 If Via Globe fails to assure the proper substitution in the package or if the PASSENGER for justified reasons refuses the occurred alteration, Via Globe will on its own expense enable the PASSENGER to return to the place of the departure  or some other place, with approval of the PASSENGER, and Via Globe will reimburse the damage of the change occurred. The cost of damage gets refunded to the PASSENGER in the amount of the price of the service not provided, and based on the claim of the PASSENGER. Via Globe will solve the complaint in a manner stated in the article 11. of this contract.
The highest amount of the liability can be the entire amount of the price of the designated tourist package.
Via Globe has the authority by unilateral statement to terminate the contract entirely or partially, with no obligation of damage compensation to the PASSENGER , in case of external unforseen and emergent circumstances, which could have not been avoided, prevented or forseen in the moment of contracting, that would also represent justified reasons for the Via Globe not to compile the contract. In this case the PASSENGER has the right for the reimbursment of the entire payed amount i.e. difference in the price occurred from the alternation of agreed and realized services. Via Globe holds the right to cancel the trip, latest 5 days prior to the departure, if the trip has been cancelled by the trip organizer where Via Globe acted only as sales agent and in the case there was not enough passengers applied for the trip i.e. bellow minimum required number of passengers necessary for the trip organization, as stated in each tourist package.
Via Globe holds the right to change the date and time of the journey in case of flight timetable changes or unforseen circumstances, as well as the right to alter the direction of the journey in case of unexpected alteration of the travelling conditions ( flight timetable changes, security situation in the designated country, natural disasters or any situation outside the control of  Via Globe).For which there is no recompensation of  damage, and all according to valid rules and regulations in domestic and international traffic.
Via Globe doesn’t hold the responsability for any changes occurred during the trip caused by unforseen circumstances .
Via Globe in that case will provide the services that are possible in the new circumstances. Via Globe doesn’t hold responsability for the possible printing errors in the published itinerary and catalogues, as well as for its agents brochures’ similar errors.

10. Via Globe’s tourist packages sold by other touroperators, agencies
For all the tourist packages where Via Globe is the main organizer these General terms are applied, unless in the case Via Globe is the agent. Tourist packages where Via Globe acts as the agent will be specially indicated, in which case they apply general terms and conditions from the main organizer of the resold tourist package, for realization of which Via Globe doesn’t hold responsability. By signing the contract the PASSENGER accepts in its entirety designated touristic package and terms and conditions when travelling with an agency. 

11. Dispute solving
The PASSENGER has a right of complaint for failure of realization of agreed services.  It is mandatory for the PASSENGER to file a written complaint to Via Globe , the latest 8 days after the conclusion of the trip. Complaints received later than 8 days will not be valid for deliberation.

 It is in the interest of the PASSENGER to act in a good will during the trip in order to solve the cause of the complaint and to hand in a written complaint to service provider on the spot ( front desk, transport provider, restaurant or tourist agency at the destination) and to ask from the service provider a written confirmation for having filed a complaint.  Each PASSENGER files the complaint individually.Via Globe won’t take into consideration group complaints. Via Globe has duty to come with a written settlement for the PASSENGER in 14 days period after having received the complaint, and in the same manner in which the complaint has been filed (email, post, personal delivery). If needed for collecting of information and evidence related to the complaint, Via Globe can postpone complaint settlement further for another 14 days, for which it needs to inform the PASSENGER who is filing a complaint in written manner.
Via Globe will be solving only those complaints which are filed in written form on the spot to the service provider and that were unable to be resolved on spot.
In case Via Globe for its own fault fails to realize the agreed itinerary or one part of the service, the PASSENGER has right  to be refunded the amount equal for the value of unrealized service, and has no right for refund for the services already used or for the price of the tourist package in its entirety. Until Via Globe solves the dispute by written settlement, the PASSENGER mustn’t reach for the mediation via any other party, court or to disclose the dispute in media.

12. Health regulations
The PASSENGER has obligation to inform Via Globe of all health conditions, habits and similar, which could jeopardize the smooth realization of the trip (if for medical reasons demands different type of food, suffers from chronic disease, allergy..)In certain packages it is clearly stated special rules for traveling that include obligatory vaccination as well as the procurement of relevant documents. In that case the PASSENGER is obligated to receive mandatory vaccination, as well as to obtain relevant medical confirmations and documents. Via Globe recommends purchase of health insurance.

13. Luggage
Luggage transfer up to designated weight set by the carrier is free of charge. When flying with air company, extra weight cost is paid by the PASSENGER himself, which is set by the carrier.

Children under 2 years of age have the right for free luggage transport. Via Globe doesn’t hold the responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Claims for lost luggage the PASSENGER directs directly to the airline company or the hotel. During the air transport airline company holds the exclusive responsibility  for the the PASSENGER’s luggage, within the regulations applicable in air traffic.In the case of lost luggage the PASSENGER fills the relevant form and hands it in directly to the airline representative, while preserving one copy. On the basis of that form airline company amends his claim according the regulations in air traffic. In case of the lost luggage in the hotel , the PASSENGER directs the claim to the hotel where the luggage has been lost. Via Globe recommends purchase of Luggage insurance.

14. Insurance in case of tourist agency default
In case of Via Globe’s default the PASSENGERs who found themselves in the middle of the trip are advised to contact immediately the insurance company EUROHERC, and to state the address or phone number to be traced. This document stands as a confirmation of possesion of insurance in case of tourist agency’s default. Number of the policy of the insurance : 804091598 & 804091610. Tel: +385 1 6004265

15. Insurance against liability
In accordance with the Law of providing touristic services, Via Globe has an agreement ( no. 804091598 & 804091610) with Insurance company „EUROHERC“ in case it causes damage to the PASSENGER by failing to realize entirely,partially or inadequately the agreed services stated in the touristic package.

16. Protection of personal information
The PASSENGER provides his personal information to the organizer in a free will. Personal data of the PASSENGER needed for the organization of the trip and its realization will be used consequently for further communication.

Via Globe has obligation not to disclose PASSENGER’s personal data, unless needed for fulfillment of the arranged touristic packages. Exception when disclosing personal data is applied when the PASSENGER decides to purchase the insurance policy, in which case this information will be given to the insurance company. Personal data of the PASSENGER will be stored in the database, in accordance with the decision made by Association for collecting, processing and protecting personal data.

17. Information
The information given to the PASSENGER at the lieu of reservation are not more binding for the Organizer than those stated in the published tourist package for the designated trip.

18. Final clauses
Hereby stated terms and conditions for the tourist package exclude all previous terms and conditions. General terms and conditions for the tourist package represent part of this contract. The  PASSENGERs agree to solve disputes that may rise via mutual agreement, if that is not possible in case of any legal dispute it will be solved on the Court of Zagreb by applying Croatian law. All images and videos used in this website are for use in a PRIVATE use only and not for any commercial purposes. They belong to their own owners and are used in this website for a pure  cultural educative NON commercial purposes ONLY. This website reflects the views only of the author, and Via Globe cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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