Tesla stay

Born in Croatianikola tesla

Day 1 Tesla as a man ahead of his time

Arrival to Croatia.
Explore its capital Zagreb
with Tesla stops like Nikola Tesla laboratory or a City hall where Tesla had a speech in 1892.


Nikola Tesla plocavijecnica

How Zagreb City Government refused the Tesla’s proposal to build the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe with a dam on the river Sava?!?!?!
But 350 km on the south from Zagreb, in a small town on the Croatian coast – Šibenik
was built the first power plant in Europe, in 1895!!!

We will hear more about Croatian inventors with in the Zagreb inventors tour
(some of their invents: balloon, pen, fingerprints, Zeppelin and many, many other….)

Lunch time in a typical Croatian restaurant with traditional local food – same one which could be served during Nikola Tesla stay in Zagrebtehnicki muzej zagreb
Visiting the Technical Museum in Zagreb, its Nikola Tesla laboratory and planetarium.

tehnicki muzej zagreb2 tehnicki muzej zagreb3

Evening: for those who are interested in Mathematics we have a special treat: Matematic Zagreb

Day 2 Tesla gets his only diploma
Karlovac – Otočac – Perušić – Gospić
Visiting Karlovac, city in the shape of a six-pointed star, „City on four rivers“ with the birth certificate and Karlovac gimnazija (high school) – the only diploma Tesla ever got.

ka zvijezda gimnazija_ka2JPG

Tesla in School
Tesla was reprehended because of a bad success in mathematics!!!
We will hear how Napoleon affected Tesla’s education!!!

Heading to LIKA – The region where Tesla was bornlika2
Region of amazing nature, where flower meadows transform in to a harsh mountain. Region of untouched nature where bears and wolfs found their homes to be free.
Region full of crystal clear rivers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWash your face in Gacka river and have a glass of water directly from the river.

gacka3 gacka1

This is fantastic feeling for the life.
Lunch: Fresh Trout from Gacka river with Lika potatoes (Lički krumpir – Croatian autocratic product)


After Gacka river heading to River Lika
– Croatian underground stream and the stone Bridge of Kosinj Bridge – place of the first Printing in all Slavic south (15.century).

We will end our day in Gospić (center of Lika region)
– city where Tesla lived since 1963

and the city of Tesla’s elementary school.

Day 3 Tesla childhood
Gospić – Smiljan – Sjeverni Velebit


Visiting Gospić – city where Tesla was living with his parents after the family tragedy
and the place where he finished elementary school.

tesla smiljan1
Visiting Smiljan – village where Tesla was born.smiljan5
Visiting the house he was born – today a museum with some of his patents.

Next to the house is Serbian Orthodox Church where Tesla’s father was preaching.smiljan3
Lunch in a local restaurant with local traditional home made food.

Must try while staying in Lika Cheese Škripavac (cheese which produce the noise – cracking) and rakija (grappa) Šljivovica

Tesla was a jumper with an umbrella??? Find out WHY

Velebit – the largest mountain range in Croatia.
UNESCO 1978 enlisted it into its international network of biosphere reserves under the “Man and Biosphere Program”.
National Park North Velebit is just a part of this mountain as well as Paklenica Nature Park and Special Reservations.paklenica3

Did you know that a bear has 42 teeth?

sjeverni velebit
Bear, Wolf and Lynx are just some of wild animals that live in Lika and Velebit.


Day 4 Beauty of Tesla’s LIKA
Gospić – Kuterevo – Plitvice – Zagreb
Wild Lika fool of amazing creatures one more time will show us its tameness in KuterevoThe Bear Refuge

kuterevo totem_marija Kuterevo medo2

Story about Kuterevo
The Bear Refuge was founded in 2002. A small village within the Velebit Mountain ranges. The Velebit area is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Europe. Kuterevo is small and traditional place, isolated in the mountains where local communities are living sustainably and in harmony with nature.


Lunch in the Kuterevo Bear Refuge in a little typical Lika restaurant where you will taste fantastic local food.kuterevo2kuterevo bar_marija2
After this amazing story of life and coexistance between a man and animal

we will see another amazing place where Nature did its best – Plitvice lakes
(UNESCO sight since 1947)
plitvice8 plitvice plitvice5

Four seasons in Plitvice lakes
We will hear how Nikola Tesla proposed in 1892 to built a power plant in Plitvice lakes. But, he was refused as many times before just because he was a genius mind much ahead of his time.


This is an itinerary example, a suggestion of Nikola Tesla round trip.
However, your personal program is flexible and it can be customized according to your personal preferences.
Here are some additional optional ideas, just some of the possibilities to swap days or to add additional days linked to NIKOLA TESLA life

Croatia: Šibenik – place of thefirst power plant in Europe (1895) (1h 30 min from Gospić)

skradinski buk_jaruga OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sibenik1 sibenik2 skradinski buk2

Slovenija: Maribor – The place where Tesla was working as a draftsman (2 hrs from Zagreb)

maribor2 maribor4 maribor5
Austria: Graz– The city where Tesla was studying (never finished) (2 hrs 30 min from Zagreb)

graz2 graz3 graz6 graz

Hungary: Budapest – The city where Tesla was working as a technician in a phone co. ( 3,5 – 4 hrs from Zagreb)

budapest4 budapest5 budapest6 budapest7

Serbia: Belgrade– The place of Nikola Tesla Museum and Tesla’s ash(3,5 – 4 hrs from Zagreb)

beograd4 nikola-tesla-museum belgrade3 urna nikole tesle bg
Here are some additional optional ideas to spend nice time,
just some of the possibilities to swap days or to add additional days while staying in Croatia

Cave Park Grabovača ( 30 min from Gospić, )

pp_grabovaca cave_grabovaca2 cave_grabovaca3 cave_grabovaca

Paklenica Nature Park (1 hour from Gospić; 40 min from Zadar)

paklenica3 paklenica4 paklenica6 paklenica7

Senj (1 hour from Gospić); Starigrad ( 1 h 30 min from gospić; 45 min from Zadar)

starigrad1 senj4 senj6 senj

Zrmanja River Kanyon ( 1 hour from Gospić or Zadar)

zrmanja1 zrmanja4 zrmanja5

Zadar (1 hour from Gospić,3 hrs from Zagreb)

zadar4 zadar zadar_donat zadar_orgulje zadar_sunset

Nearest airports Zagreb, Rijeka (Krk), Zadar, Split

Lika region on the map


Nikola Tesla Passport

tesla passport

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