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For a visa to UAE, you need to send by mail the following:

– A scan of the passport (in color !)
– Booking return ticket (with any airline company)
– The reservation of the hotel accommodation or, in the case of a private hosting, details of the person who will host:  name, full address and telephone number.

Underage Females of 24 years old and below cannot have a visa if they are not accompanied by blood relative or husband or if they don’t have some special guarantees.

The visa requires 4-5 working days (note: Friday and Saturday are days off in the United Arab Emirates).

The cost of the visa is only € 75  with booking a hotel through ViaGlobe and only € 109  without any booking through ViaGlobe.

From the issued date a visa is valid for 60 days and within 60 days you must enter the country. Otherwise the visa is no more valid and a new one must be issued.

With a visa you can stay in the Emirates 30 days with the possibility of extension for a further 30 days with an extra charge of € 220.

Visa is one entrance (only one entrance into the United Arab Emirates).
Once you leave the territory of the Emirates, 30 days are needed to be able to re- apply for a visa.

We are not responsible if the visa is not issued for any reasons known by the immigration office (the United Arab Emirates are entitled without any explanation), IT problems or any unexpected issue that can be the cause of not issuing the visa..

All payments must be done in advance.
Funds paid are not refundable.
For more information please feel free to contact us here.

You can pay with a safe easy online PayPal payment through this link:

UAE Visa

For the payment of the visa EXTENSION, € 220 , please use this button:

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