Castles of Zagorje, Croatia in 7 days

Castles of Zagorje, Croatia
From 14 February 2014 to 21 February 2014

Enjoy the winter nights in 4*Hotel of Trakošćan, with great offer of swimming pool & sauna, in the night take the torch and walk around the Castle with lake…  During the day get to see must famous castles and manors of Zagorje.

Church Saint Marco Zagreb

Day 1 – ZAGREB- Arrival to Zagreb by plane. Pick up at airport. Explore Croatia’s capital, romantic city of culture and history, charming mixture of medieval towers and century historicism. After dinner head to Zagorje’s hotel Trakošćan, set next to one of the most beautiful castles of Croatia „Trakošćan“ where you will experience various castel inspired activities.




Day 2 – TRAKOŠĆAN CASTLE- KRAPINA HOMO NEANDERTHALENSIS – After breakfast get to visit and explore one of the most attractive castles of Zagorje – Trakošćan situated in a beautiful setting next to a lake and park forest, tour the castle that belonged to illustrious family of Drašković and feel the medieval atmosphere. Already hungry have lunch in an authentic local restaurant Pension Vuglec Breg amidst Zagorje hills. Then head to Krapina and visit the interactive new Museum of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Return to hotel Trakošćan and enjoy its rich offer.


Day 3 – MEDVEDGRAD-NOVI DVORI-LUŽNICA – After breakfast head to medieval fortress of Medvedgrad on the Mt.Medvednica, built to protect against the Tatars and enjoy the panorama of Zagreb. Visit the castle estate near Zaprešić- Novi Dvori Zaprešićki, that belonged to famous croatian 19.century general Ban Josip Jelačić, with the oldest „thresher“ object in Croatia. Have lunch on the estate of the Golf Restaurant club and then get to see Castle of Lužnica owned by sisters of Vinko Paulski who will explain you its rich heritage.Return to hotel Trakošćan.



Day 4 – BEŽANEC-VELIKI TABOR-MILJANA – After breakfast experience the performence of traditional wedding of Bednja, then visit 18th. century castle of Bežanec, taste the wine and have lunch. In the afternoon get to see Veliki Tabor, amidst picturesque surroundings, one of the best examples of fortified medieval castles in the region, famous for Legend of Veronika Desnička who’s head got buried in its walls for tragical love. After head to „Blue“ castle of Miljana, and in the evening have stroll holding a torch around the castle and lake of Trakošćan, next to your hotel.


Day 5 – LEPOGLAVA-MARUŠEVEC-VARAŽDIN OLD TOWN – After breakfast witness how lace of Lepoglava is being made, unamaterial heritage of UNESCO, then head to the place of its origin – Lepoglava, after short walk get to visit castle Maruševec, that got its name after Czech girl Maruša. You can have (in option) a one hour Cessna flight over the region+. Have a lunch break amidst vineyard hills and taste the local specialities in restaurant „Zlatne Gorice“. Afterwards spend the afternoon in baroque town of Varaždin, once Croatian capital and visit the „Old town“ (castle). Return to hotel Trakošćan.



enjoy the horse sleigh ride next to Trakošćan castle, then head to see
the biggest castle of Zagorje-Klenovnik. Afterwards visit Opeka castle&arboretum, monument of first category famous for its garden design that preserves trees from Japan, China, Caucasus and North America. Head to town of Marija Bistrica, have lunch and then visit the renown Croatian national sanctuary with old Marian shrine of Black Madonna, visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. After a stroll on the uphill Way of the Cross return to hotel Trakošćan.


Day 7- KUMROVEC OLD VILLAGE-ZAGREB – Flight back home – After breakfast visit Kumrovec „Old village“, the first outdoor etno museum in Croatia and birthplace of Josip Broz Tito. Have lunch in nearby excellent local restaurant of Zelnjak Ventek. Say goodbye to lovely hillside of Zagorje and leave for Zagreb International Airport Pleso. See you in summer 🙂

 All this program for ONLY 492 € !

Price includes (minimum 40 persons):
*Accommodation in 4* Hotel Trakošćan (double/twin rooms on HB basis for 6 nights)
*7 days Round trip through Castles area of North Croatia (11 castles, Marija Bistrica shrine and ethno village Kumrovec)
*Tickets (Neandrethal Museum, Trakošćan castle, Veliki Tabor castle, Kumrovec ethno village)
*transfer from/to airport

Price doesn’t include:
*single room supplement
*health and travel insurance
*every day lunch
*Cessna flight (75 € / pax for one hour flight)
NOTE: This program can change at any moment.

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