July / August 2018/ 7 day holiday trip on the yacht Yacht week with your friends
Experience 7 day summer yacht week holidays sailing in Croatia with other international crews from all over the world while listening your DJ in a hidden bay.

from 330 € pp

Event Dates 2014

Split route
Week 28: 6th July – 13th July
Week 29: 13th July – 20th July
Week 30: 20th July – 27th July
Week 31: 27th July – 3rd August
Week 32: 3rd August – 10th August
Week 33: 10th August – 17th August
Week 34: 17th August – 24th August
Week 35: 24th August – 31th August
Split – Dubrovnik route  (1-way)
Week 32: 3rd August – 10th August
Dubrovnik – Split route  (1-way)

Week 33: 10th August – 17th August

Join the group of travelers from all over the world as part of our International Party Yacht Week fleet. Our local Croatian professional skippers will guide you from hidden bays to traditional old towns where you will enjoy meals in seaside taverns and dance away till early hours with our residence DJ’s. During the day we organize day parties on rafted yachts building a party bridge in a bay. Nights are reserved for party clubbing.

This is what you get:

  • A place on one of our safe and beautiful yachts
  • A highly experienced, qualified skipper to look after you and the boat
  • Friendship; you can come as an individual, a couple or a group (with a mix of genders)
  • The opportunity to visit Croatia’s famous music festivals, such as Dimensions (Underground) and Outlook (Bass and Sounds) in the ancient Roman city of Pula.

This is what you do:

  •  You sail to unspoilt islands and beautiful coastal towns and resorts
  •  You help crew the boat and learn all about sailing (if you wish)
  • You help choose your route and your destinations
  • You buy and cook your food on board, or eat out in amazing local restaurants
  • You visit music festivals and all-night parties and swim, snorkel or just chill out on the boat

How can you join:
1.Spread this summer yacht week holiday story to your friends
2.Choose a sailing week and route
3.Choose a yacht that can accommodate you and your friends
Come and sail through the real Croatia while getting to know our unique customs and our colorful language. Then return home safe, tanned and full of happy memories.

How Much it costs?


For one week you will live on a yacht where you will sleep, relax, party,… Your skipper will take care about all the facilities, he will guide you to hidden caves, calm lagoons, the perfect spot to cliff dive and take care that everything is done without any problems. You will need to treat him/her as a friend and to provide him/her meals during the day (he/she eats with you, regardless you make meal on the yacht or you go to restaurant). In addition to the fantastic experience, the amazing places, and all the new friends you will make, here is a list over things that will be included in the price of your trip.
What is included:

  • 7 days rental of the yacht
  • Final cleaning of the yacht
  • Safety equipment (GPS & Nautical Charts)
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Gas for the kitchen
  • Stereo with speakers

In addition to the cost of the yacht you will also have to pay for the fuel and port fees. The port fees vary from place to place and you will also have different options if you want to keep the cost down. Normally you can choose between staying in a port, marina, buoy or anchor.
At some spots you may have to use taxi boats to get from your yacht to the shore depending on where you decide to spend the night. You will find the different prices in the list below.
In addition to these costs you have to pay for your own food and drink on site. Food is usually eaten on the yacht and this will be quite affordable since you can buy everything from supermarkets. An average crew will probably eat dinner at restaurant 2-3 nights per week.

Here is a list of additional costs per person per week you will need to pay at arrival to marina or during the week in cash calculated for a 10 person yacht. (The prices will vary depending on what size of yacht you choose):

  • Fuel for the yacht – approx. 8-12  per person per week (depends if you sail more or use engine)
  • Harbour fees – approx. 12-16  per person per week (depends if you are anchored or mored in marina)
  • SAILING.HR passport – 50  per person per week
  • Touristic taxes – 7  per person per week




SAILING.HR passport covers organisaton of the whole trip which includes logistic of the route, skippers meeting, solving technical problems, consultation about the marinas and ports, reservation of the place in the port and in the restaurants, entrance to the parties and all facilities.


Upon arrival in the marina, all crews need to put a deposit for their boat. The deposit is there to cover any damage that is caused during the week, as a security for the Yachting Company. The deposit is paid the same day, prior to departure, and will be handed back upon return. Deposit for a yacht (from 1000 to 2500, depending on the size of the boat) is refunded back in full in case the yacht is returned undamaged. Deposit is always paid by the customer (even if you have an “external” skipper on board).
Clients should agree about who will put the deposit and sign the contract that if any damage happens on the boat or the equipment which is caused by their indolence, they will cover it all together or if it is caused by only one of the crew member, that person will cover it alone.

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