Details about Tvrdica

Tvrdica is the name of the land where the house was built so the house itself became known as Tvrdica.

Lanđin is the name of the little bay where Tvrdica is visible on the map.

Pašman is the name of the island.


Lanđin and Tvrdica are situated on the west side of the island – directions of Kornati islands (National Park) and Telašćica (Natural Park  on the Dugi Otok Island)

This is a Stone House hand made on the beach!!!!

 1st floor


– 2 rooms on the 1st floor (2 double beds, no doors – cotton net) – 4 pax
* Sea & bay view
* Balcony + terrace on the 1st floor; sea & bay view + some islands view


Ground floor kitchen and dinning room

* Stove (gas bottle), sink (rain water – stone cistern in side of the wall), wooden hand made table, chairs and kitchen cabins (traditional cabins; called muškera), dishes, fireplace

tvrdica8 tvrdica9 tvrdica10

* Wooden hand made beds; open wooden box for clothes (traditional, simple style)

tvrdica12 tvrdica13 tvrdica14

 Terrace under the trees in front of the house, sea and bay view


*Stone table
*Wooden chairs
Additional room

*2 beds dormitory style
*One closet

Bathroom + toilet

* Shower (hot water; collected rain water from the cistern on the roof)
* Toilet.


Huge barbecue/grill place and “Peka” it’s an iron lid for bread or any other dish which can be prepared under the lid covered with embers and ashes.


Huge terrace 10 m away from the house, sea and bay view –  great for sun baths.

Private beach


Private little boat port 

– No electricity – just 12 V (European plug in) – enough for charging cell-phones
– Water: rain water from stone cisterns.



* To the sea (entrance) /beach: around 20 – 30 m
* To the shop – to Tkon 6 km (to the eastern side of the island)


* Daily groceries delivery possible (other possibilities: walking to the shop; renting a car, around 1km walking distance; renting a bike; renting a boat)

Activities options:

* Renting a car – exploring the island itself (with a guide) and other places and parks
* Renting a bike – exploring the island (with a guide)
* Hiking- walking – škraping (new-old style of hiking: traditional walking around the island, rocky (sometimes cliffs) paths with sea water shallow holes (very interesting!!!)
* Renting a boat
* Fishing (traditional style)
* Fishing nets workshop
* Sailing


* Sailing workshop (how to sail with a traditional wooden boat with the sail)
* Exploring the islands around trip
* Tying ropes workshop
* Woodworking workshop


* Monastery exploring ( Benedictine monastery for men – only one left in Croatia where king of Croatia was hiding documents to preserve them from enemies: it was also the shelter for main land community escaping from enemies; today colony of old Croatian script; Franciscan monastery; find out how Crusaders were involved.. )

Pasman temple

* Food exploring – taste of the island (explore the local food on the island directly from the local community, participate and learn how to make it)

Pasman food

* Visiting Island of Ugljan  –  known as green island with a lot of historical monuments and interesting past

Ugljan island

* Visiting Biograd – medieval city of the Kingdom of Croatia


* Visiting Zadar – city full of preserved Roman and Medieval monuments,  Contemporary Monuments and only one of the kind in the world like Greeting to the Sun and Sea organs –  sea instrument;

* Looking for some mystery – looking for the Holy Grail and golden carriages hidden by Templars


*Visiting Kornati islands (National park) – the densest archipelago of the Mediterranean -The archipelago makes 12% of all the islands in the Croatian Adriatic – 1264 islands, 67 of them inhabited; place to see, to learn more about Earth, Geology of the Earth, submarine Biology and all this just as a small part of cultural and traditional values that we inherited from the Mother Earth.

Kornati Island Croatia

*Visiting Split  – the second largest city in Croatia, city itself  is a part of Diocletian palace –  ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD (UNESCO!!!), beautiful Mediterranean city with a lot  of spots to visit, to feel, to taste. City full of life, good food, temperament people and fantastic atmosphere.

Riva Split

* Visiting Zagreb – capital of Croatia, charming central European city with beautiful “Belle Époque” architecture, romantic parks, good food and nice people

 Zagreb by nightZagreb KatedralZagreb MedvedgradZagreb church saint Marko

Price for one week renting the whole house (3 rooms; 6 beds): Starting from 480 € PER WEEK.

For Options (Activities, renting bicycles or car or motorcycle and excursions) please contact us we will arrange for you a great trip. 🙂

Zagreb heart

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